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Rediffusion Times Weekly
Editors - Raymond Chow Man-wai
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Not Avalible
Price for each issue : 30 cents

Rediffusion Times Weekly was an official publication of Rediffusion (HK). Edited by Raymond Chow, with a colour frontpage and partially bilingual (English/Chinese) contents, it was aimed at a middle-class audience. Content included lyrics in Hakka, Teochow, Cantonese, Mandarin and English, alongside fiction, comic strips, translated Hollywood film fiction, essays from broadcasters, recipes, letters from viewers and programme schedules, including those of the ‘Blue Channel’, an English channel whose programmes Chinese newspaper and magazines tended to omit.

Location The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
Contributors Jun Ren · Lu Meiyu · Li Lei · Zhuang Yuanyon · Maugham (adaptation of) · Ge Sak

Courtesy of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library.