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Tianqu huabao
Editors - Huang Bojian
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Price for each issue : 40 cents

Tianqu Huabao was a monthly pictorial featuring gossip from ‘places of pleasure’. Its contents included portraits of  jiaoshu, waitresses, sing-song girls, drama actresses, female opera stars, film actresses from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Its ‘Nantang Xiandaiji” (‘A Modern Account of Nantang’) and ‘Zhujiang Fngyue’ (‘Breeze and Moon over the Pearl River’) columns were devoted to the customs of prostitution. Other articles covered ‘weird’ news, film reviews, story-telling scripts, satire, fiction and a pseudo-Michelin guide that commented on the cost, dishes and services of restaurants. The magazine was written using classical Chinese, vernacular Chinese and Cantonese.

Location Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY)
Contributors 大黃、天任、怪怪、浪漫少年、顛公、金錢釣子、白堅、少英、桐威、宗靈、伯元、天一、悲夫、式銓、墦