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Skyline Weekly
Editors - Meng Jun · Liu Naiji [1]
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Price for each issue : 30 cents
Lin Shuji/ Wen Ziying [2]

Skyline Weekly is rare both in having copies of all 88 of its issues still in existence and of being edited by a woman, Meng Jun, for much of its history. It went through three major changes during its lifespan, each marked by discernible reworking of its front cover. Launched as a magazine with general appeal, its contents included poetry, fiction, news and developments from around the world, relationships, hygiene and general knowledge. Many of its articles on relationships, domestic issues and hygiene included a female perspective. Artistic photographs of Western women dominated its covers at this stage.

The first switch occurred following the 60th issue, with some of its front covers featuring guns and silhouettes of men, as was common with detective magazines at the time, as well pictures of women. Three issues after this change, Meng Jun’s resignation was announced in a notice which also called for authors to submit ‘realistic detective stories’. Oddly, within another four issues, the number of detective stories had fallen, though more other types of fiction had increased, among them pieces of jiji xiaoshou (‘martial arts combat fiction’)  by Woshishanren (Xu Kairu) and Nianfoshanren (Chen Jing).

A new numbering system was adopted three issues later, with the magazine’s 70th edition announced as Issue I, Vol. 3. At the same time, its content became more literary and its front cover started to feature pictures of either landscapes or children, an approach that was continued until the magazine ceased publication 18 issues later (Issue 4, Vol. 4).

Before joining Skyline Weekly, Meng Jun was a columnist for Huanqiu bao in Guangzhou. From there she brought with her that magazine’s popular ‘Mengjun’s Mailbox’, in which she gave answers to questions about marriage, relationships, and life problems. Renamed ‘Tiandixia’s Mailbox’, this column was retained even after Mengjun’s resignation due to its popularity with readers.

As editor of Skyline Weekly, Meng Jun’s name appeared in every issue, as did that of Lu Li, who was also a frequent contributor. As most of the magazine’s articles were written using pennames, Meng Jun was presumably also the author of much of its content.

Location The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library/ The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors Meng Jun · Lu Li · Bo Zhou · Li Jiezhen · Ping Ke · Xiao Xiang · Zhang Zudong · Sima Wen · Ma Li · Yun Sha · Shangguan Zhuiyu · Luo Tangna · Chong Xiaoke · Zhuge Qingshuang · Bi Lü · Ruan Lang · Zhou Shanqun · Lü bin · Huang Yandai · Nai Ji (should be Liu Naiji) · Lu Yishi · Murong Yujun · Liang Qinglan · Jie Ying · Luo Fu · Woshishanren · Nianfoshanren · Lü Lun · Bi Lü Chen Bailing · Guang Hong · Lü Xue · Bi Fu · Mai Qing [3]

[1] Meng Jun was the editor for issues 1-60, after which Liu Naiji became the editor.

[2] Lin Shuji was the publisher for issues 1-60, after which Wen Ziying became the publisher. 

[3] The last five are illustrators.