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Cinema and Dancing Magazine
Editors - Mai Si · He Chi
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
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Price for each issue : 30 cents
Yuegang Yingyuwu Zazhishe

The word ying, which means ‘shadow’, in this magazine’s Chinese name refers to ‘dianying’, or films, while its wu (‘dance’) refers to dance halls. As its English name suggests, its contents were largely divided between movies and movie stars, mostly from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and dances halls, including those such as Balasha, Kaixuan, Zhonghua, Bailemen and Jindian of Hong Kong, and also those found in Shanghai, Chengdu and Singapore. The development and popularity of Hong Kong’s dance halls are well recorded in this magazine, which also offers a broader indication of the prosperity of Hong Kong’s post-war entertainment industry.

Location The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors Situ Miaofu · A Mi · Mi Gai · Man Guan [1]

Courtesy of The University of Hong Kong Libraries.

[1] Situ Miaofu is a cartoonist. The last three are contributors to the creative writings. Except these few mentioned, all others are anonymous.