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Dianying wenyi
Editors - Lao Tan
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Shantou Wenyi Dianying She

Possibly one of the first film magazines published in Chaoshan (Teoswa), Dianying wenyi’s articles included ‘A comprehensive list of film people of Chaoshan origins’ and ‘Film news from Shantou’. Its coverage ranged across photographs of film stars, updates from Hollywood and articles about the Chinese film industry. Contributors were asked to submit articles written in vernacular Chinese with modern punctuation. It was printed by a company known as Huaqiao Yinwu Gongsi, which name seemed to suggest a certain association with Chinese sojourners overseas. 

Location Quanguo Baokan Suoyin (CNBKSY)
Contributors Tu Xi · Guo Chuxian · Ai Ying · Liu Si · Yu Hong · Ba Ni

Image from Quanguo Baokan Suoyin (CNBKSY).