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Yule [1]
Editors - Deng Jie
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A weekly published every Saturday, Yule offered a mix of infotainment on dance, film, drama, music, sports and creative writing. Its dance coverage ranged from portraits of dancing girls from Hong Kong dance halls to articles on Spanish gypsy dance. Its fiction centred largely on serialised romance novels. For music, it published the scores of Cantonese songs such as ‘Whose Girl Next Door?’ and ‘You Are the Springtime Breeze’ written by the famous song composer Li Houxiang. One of its noteworthy sports articles is ‘A Memoir of the Ice-skating Rink’, about the well-known ice-skater of the time Rong Binghai. This piece and another article about ice-skating in Mingxing xibao suggest that this sport was popular then.

Location The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors Xipeng Laoshu · Chang Hong · Qiu Jing · Man Changfei · Lao You · Chao · Zhu Zai · Mo Xun · Jiu Ren · Hua Sheng · Ying Xiong · A Qian

Courtesy of The University of Hong Kong Libraries.

[1] Judging by its coverage of the many entertainment, the magzine was approximately published some time after the liberation of Hong Kong (August 1945).