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Editors - Punnai Henren
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Price for each issue : 3 cents

This popular magazine combined social satire with soft-porn fiction. The single copy of the one issue that survives (the first issue) attacks both Wang Jingwei, the leader of the puppet government installed by the Japanese in Nanjing, and female escort services, comparing the former with the latter in terms of their social negative impact. An article headlined ‘I Wish I Had a Son Like Wang Jingwei’ has some of its passages blanked out, apparently by a censor. Many of satirical pieces were written using ‘Saam Kap Dai’, a form of writing that combined classical Chinese, vernacular Chinese and written Cantonese to create a simultaneously comic and demeaning tone. Simple classical Chinese was used in the magazine’s works of romance, mostly tales of female escorts and famous courtesans.

Location The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors (Deng) Jimin · Liumang Jizhe · Yu Sheng · Si Ji · Pan Yuan · Bai Huasheng · Xiang Xiaosheng · Wei Yan · Shiying Shizhu · Song Nan · Punai Henren · Huhua Wulizhe · Wugeng Wanquesheng · Sui Qinsheng

Courtesy of The University of Hong Kong Libraries.