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The Hunglook Evening News [1]
Editors - Yam Wu Fa (Ren Huhua)
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Price for each issue : 10 cents

The Hunglook Evening News consisted of four pages. World politics and local news appeared on the frontpage, usually reported in a sentimental manner, while its second and third pages usually contained cartoon strips, low-brow fiction, mostly chiefly erotic or jiji xiaoshuo (martial arts combat fiction). Other content included its ‘Story-telling Nightclub’ column and radio scripts. Its entertainment columns focused on film and opera updates. Its fourth page, ‘Hunglook Sport’, covered sport, particularly football. Its ‘Hung Lok Sports Hotline’ allowed football teams to issue ‘challenges’ to other teams for a match.

Location CUHK Digital Repository-Hong Kong Early Tabloid Newspapers
Contributors Ren Danian · Lin Shen · A Biwu · Yi Yi · Lingxiaosheng · Liang Yun · Dong Song · Qiu Shu · Shixiangshanren · Yu Chigong · Ding Shan · Lao Ou · Yuebeixiangren · Nianfo shanren · Lu Li · Han Zhang · Lao Bansheng · Dan Ni · Lǜ Yun · Lu Nan