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Ertong leyuan
Editors - Lin Xinxin
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Not Avalible
Price for each issue : 5 sen
Xierong Yinshu Guan

This monthly targeted ‘students of all year classes in primary school’. Its content featured many illustrations, poetry, fiction and short, easy-to-understand essays, all mostly written by anonymous authors and with subjects ranging across history, geography, culture, education and eastern and western science. Like other publications from Xierong Yinshuguan (Co-prosperous Publishing) , Ertong leyuan promoted East Asian culture and the ‘co-prosperity’ of China and Japan. Several short poems and articles published in the magazine celebrated Wang Jingwei, the head of the Japanese-backed collaborationist government installed in Nanjing during the second world war, as ‘the conveyor of peace to East-Asia’.

Location Collected in Minguo huabao huibian gangyuejuan
Contributors Yang Junxiong